Some of our team.


Rajen Kothari - Director, head producer and composer

After studying a BA London College of music, Rajen went on to work in a few independent studios and live venues at the age of 20. After realising that his passion was in composition and production at the age of 22, he went on to work independently with artists. To finance this venture, he worked with marketing companies earning money composing music for ad campaigns. At the age of 28, while living in Paris, he realised that he could not devote enough time to his passion of composing and producing original music. Thus, Euphony was born.


Maria Muriel de Alba - Head of comunications

After graduating in Tourism, Advertising and PR in the south of Spain (Cádiz), Maria moved to Madrid in search of career opportunities. While gaining experience in international trading, sales and digital marketing, she started to receive piano lessons and vocal coaching, as she met a lot of people who realised her potential in music. This inspired her to keep working and sharing her passion. After working musically with the Euphony Collective, she decided to combine her music alongside her passion for communication and languages, as part of the Euphony communications and marketing team.

Juan Bio.jpg

Juan Manuel Rivero - Communications and head of photography

Growing up in Mexico City, Juan developed a strong musical sense very early on in his lift. A gift from his mother, learning several musical instruments from her. After studying mechanical engineering and obtaining a masters, he moved to Madrid to complete his PHD. Through a mutual friend, he heard about the Euphony project and decided to apply his gifts in academia and photography to the organisation. Now a part of the 'company-communications team' and head photographer, he strives to follow his passion, defining new projects and working with clients to insure the best result.


Mukthar Kalifa - Head Artistic director/relations

Growing up in London in a family of 8, 'Muk' found himself listening to a certain style of music, until he left home for university and discovered that the musical world he knew, was much bigger than he had once thought. Overwhelmed with passion and admiration, he went on to build one of the most eclectic tastes of music known to man. Being a long term friend of the director, he rightly went on to take his role as the Head Artistic Director, working in conjunction with the artists and the music/audio staff.