With a uncountable number of composers and production houses, why choose us?

Coming from a background of composing for companies and producing artists, we realised that most music written for ad campaigns frequently feels empty and lacks a uniqueness, due to the music compositions being rushed, using a formulaic approach of what exists already and what people expect. This is typically due to budget constraints.

To get quick and fairly effective results, this is the philosophy of most composers today, but this philosophy, is not our philosophy. 

Here, one of the first HD television adverts aired in 2005.

The choice of music for the ad campaign was not a contract composition, but one from an independent artist at the time. The effectiveness of his music far outweighed any standard contract composition. The majority of music production companies, that work with advertising agencies, only tend to work with artists that have a sound which is easy and predictable. Something in line with what is popular already, which is understandable. 


Our artist pay to be a part of the 'euphony collective', for us to direct their sound and be available for us or you to choose, if their material matches the project. This also avoids large expense for creating original music that stands out, due to deadlines within contracts, as the music is being created on an ongoing basis at Euphony. Our goal is to prioritise the correct sound for the project.

We choose not to write towards what is popular, but to help your brand and the artist create what is popular. To be the first, to be original and to set the standard for sound and music within modern day promotion and media.