The Euphony Collective


When hiring us for any of our services, we aim to get the best possible results in order to later network your material with future company clients. This will help promote your music further and hopefully turn your artistic work into something more lucrative if one of our company clients chooses you. No matter how you choose to work with us, you will keep your artistic rights. Here are some of our artists, who you can contact for feedback on our services.


Kanonia is one of our newest artist using our production services. She is currently working on a few tracks with Euphony that will be available within the next following weeks.


Jonny works in London in his own studio. Apart from using Euphony for mixing and production services in the past, he currently works consulting on current work.


Oliver has been passionate about music for years, but found it hard to find direction to finalise work. He is currently using our arranging and compositional services. His material will be available soon.


Virginia has been working with the company for the last month. Using Euphony's arranging, production and mixing services to give her music the energy it deserves.