Founded by Rajen Kothari and his associates, Euphony has taken many names over the years, but has never truly identified itself, until now.


After moving and working in music for the last 10 years around Europe and Asia, Rajen started working with artists and companies in Madrid. After realising the sheer talent of the artists he was working with, he decided to bring the two aspects of his music career (music for marketing and artist production) together. 

After 6 months living and working in Madrid, the passion he had spread to other people who encouraged him to build the company that now exists today. Everyone involved saw the quality of work that was being produced and realised the potential of it.

Without the constant trust that has been put in him, working on commercial projects and with artists, none of this would have been possible. Without the constant affirmation of his music creation and production talents that lead him to working with so many talented people, none of this would have been possible. Without his current team who truly believe in the work they are selling, none of this would have been possible. 

Previous connections

Besides the numerous artists that the company has worked with, previous credits include:

18th day Ltd


France Television

Curb Media - Keep it pumping Campaign

London College of Music

Just Press Play

Escargot Underground