Open Positions

Marketing Intern

As part of the marketing team, you will be responsible for contacting ad/marketing agencies, brands and other organisations to find future work for the company. Commission is earned for every project signed and a large area for future progression in the company. 


  • At least one years experience in Marketing. 
  • A strong passion for music.

Design Intern

As a design intern, you will be working with the director to create the future design team within the company. This could be anything from creating visuals for artists or for the company brand. 


  • No specific qualifications are required, except a minimum of one years work experience and examples of visual work produced.

Production Intern

As a production intern, you will be learning and refining your talents in music arranging and production. Working independently, you will attempt to apply production to ongoing projects within the company with guided feedback. If your ideas are successful, you will receive the producers fee on the project. 


  • A intermediate knowledge of at least one DAW and experience recording music. 
  • Type of experience taken on a case by case basis.


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